Writing A Letter To Yourself

Last week, I was on a week long road trip up the California coast with some buddies of mine to get away from work and talk about life. 

While we are a group of business buddies, we only talk about work a little bit, but we talk about life A LOT. 

Writing A Letter To YourselfNext To Mike Geary Writing In My Journal

Most of the time, that discussion is about purpose, meaning, fulfillment, and joy. 

Things like: “What do you think your purpose is? And how do you even discover it for yourself?” 

In the midst of this conversation, I pulled out my trusted journal (which I use every single day) and wrote a letter to myself. It is included below.

I’ve been reading this each morning in order to remind myself of why I am here and what I have set my mind to be. It puts me in a grateful and thankful state to start each day. 

The people that I’ve read it to have found it to be a blessing to them, and many of them have copied the idea. When I sent it to my list, I received such an outpouring of appreciation that I was taken aback. 

Therefore, I’ve included it below in hopes that it will inspire you, too: 

“Dear Ryan,

Today you are given the choice to be happy, to embrace
opportunity, to show love, and to be thankful. Choose that.

Today is unique from all other days, so pay attention and love
every moment. 

You have an overabundance to be thankful for – never for a
moment compare yourself to those who have more stuff – that
is not the true measure of a man.

Let today set the path for the future, rather than letting
the past determine today. There is absolute freedom in
this moment – be grateful.

Do what you love, and love who you are. Whatever you can’t
wait to do today, do that and enjoy it. Whatever you do, choose
it and be present in it.

Be the best Ryan Moran you know how to be, because your job
is to show God’s love and bring consciousness into this world. 
That is how you make a difference.

Go after your passions – you have all the support you need.
Appreciate your abundance and remember that you can do 
anything. Take care of your body, and let your troubles and
worries go. 

I love you, and I know that you have magnificence in you. Let 
that shine today. 


May you find encouragement in this. Although it took a difficult road to realize it, I have learned that happiness, gratitude, generosity, and thankfulness is more of a choice than anything else. I choose today to experience more of them in my life. 

I have also discovered that we each have things that others envy, yet we fail to appreciate them ourselves. There are things in this moment that we will miss, opportunities that we will wish we have taken, blessings that we fail to recognize in the moment. So we might as well choose to enjoy and be thankful for whatever circumstances we find ourselves in, regardless of the situation. 

The last time I found myself down and feeling the pressures of the world, I wrote in my journal: “I don’t know why depression happens in me sometimes. I don’t even know what triggered it today. But each moment brings new blessings and joys. How luck I am to feel these emotions and learn from them. How blessed I am to be alive. I choose to accept this moment, warts and all.” 

May you be blessed and thankful for today, warts and all. 

Writing A Letter To Yourself
California Coast Road Trip

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3 thoughts on “Writing A Letter To Yourself

  1. Ryan, really thank you for this useful article, I am a jewelry manufacturer sales manager from China, and always have a lot of pressure. I am quite strict to myself, and set a goal for everyday, however, i found myself can not achieve the goal and feel guilty, then i get tired of doing anything about my goal. Luckily, i read this article, and think I should adjust my goals and enjoy everyday life.

    Thanks Ryan.


  2. Thanks ryan,

    Dear Ajo,

    Stop the whining, complaining and the worrying and be content with what you have in front you. LISTEN to God’s advice instead of keep asking and begging. You can keep knocking, but only He can open doors for you.

    I love you, girl, but let me kick you in the butt and tell you to be thankful and have self control. HI-Yah~!!

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