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Unleash The Power Within   ResultsThe firewalk administer looked at me, assessing my state. She wondered why I wasn’t chanting, “Yes” with the rest of the chanters or pumping my fist to get into peak state. I waited as an employee spread fresh, red coals on the firewalk, and I prepped to walk across.

I jumped up and down, “made my move,” and stepped onto the coals. Three steps in, I felt searing pain. After finishing the walk, my feet were washed off, but they burned… a lot. And while I wasn’t one of the 21 people taken to the hospital that night, I have still have burn blisters up and down my feet from walking across the coals at Tony Robbins Unleash The Power Within event in San Jose.

(For those who wonder, I am a fan of and fully support firewalks – this one was just poorly done.)

Apart from burning my feet, Unleash the Power Within was an absolute blast. While I received little to no benefit from walking across coals, the conference itself was top notch.

However, early into the conference, it stood out to me how ahead of the game I am, because I already use most of the strategies that were outlined on a daily basis. Even the “Dickens Process,” a strategy for rapidly changing your limiting beliefs, was difficult for me because I already DECIDE what I choose believe.

For example, I choose to believe that I can do anything that I put my mind to. I choose to believe that there is absolute abundance in the world. I choose to believe that I can be consistently happy, no matter the circumstances. I believe that I will succeed regardless of what the economy, the media, or my parents tell me.

However, for this process, I worked on my belief that “I am lazy,” and I replaced it with the belief that “I go after what I want and I get it.”

The greatest impact that the conference had on me was the realization of how important
your state is. When I am happy and energetic, I am also more creative, loving, giving, and action-oriented than when I am depressed. It is amazing how much more I get done and how much more hopeful I am, and how much confident I am when in peak state.

That’s why, while in peak state in San Jose, I took these action steps to move in the direction that I want to go:

- began scripting my next Survivor audition tape (it’s good)
- mapped out my new business venture, Freedom Publishing
- decided to cut back on animal products (and did so)

Once again, most of the strategies that were taught are already practiced on a daily basis Unleash The Power Within   Results

in my life, but to complete my last post, in which I mapped out my goals for this event, I have updated them below:

1) Have Clear Direction Regarding The Direction Of My Business

My new business, Freedom Publishing, will be a health and financial publishing company. The real clarity of this came when I saw how Tony Robbins’ does his business ventures, because Tony Robbins is also an information publisher. He does it in a cool and ethical way, and people love him for it.

Lessons that I took from this are:

- always go to the mass market
- you don’t have to be the expert yourself
- you CAN sell high end stuff in a cool way (Tony charges $65k/year for his Platinum membership)

Therefore, Freedom Publishing will be a financial and health publishing company that focuses on the mass market and has the ability to lead customers into a high end lead funnel.

2) Letting Go Of Old Wounds

If anything, Tony just helped me continue to see my past “failures” as a blessing. My last breakup was a tremendous gift, because it helped me to grow up. It freed me to be who I am, and I have grown so much as a result. This lets me know that any pain or difficulty that we go through can lead to much good.

3) Growing Up As A Man

What I realized at UPW was that the best thing I can do to “grow up” is to maintain my peak state. I realized that I already have the set of beliefs and actions inside of me that I need, but they are “brought out” by my state.

I currently do this by journaling, but I will now add in changes to my diet and rebounding in

Unleash The Power Within   Results

6,000 People In A Room

the morning. Maintaining peak state is often difficult as an internet marketer because we are on the computer most of the day. To be honest, the only way I know how to break this is to take regular breaks.

Overall, I think Unleash The Power Within taught life skills that everyone should be equipped to have. For some, it was life changing. For me, it was solidifying, but no one left there unchanged…

…even if the only change was severely burnt feed.

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