The Rich Jerk Review

The Rich Jerk ReviewThe Rich Jerk is likely the most well-known “make money online” program ever. His “I’m Better Than You” slogan and obnoxious personality have gained him an immense amount of exposure, and while some have been offended by his approach, his strategies are brilliant.

Few people, however, know the story behind The Rich Jerk and his rise to success. In the 1990s, Kelly Felix was struggling to make ends meet and attempted to make money in every way possible, and he even struggled as he tried to break into the acting industry. Then, in the late nineties, he attempted to make money online and struck gold, reeling as much as $55,000 a month from a single site.

Kelly Felix is also known as The Rich Jerk, and his products have taught thousands of people, including myself, how to make money on the internet. His strategies changed the face of internet marketing, and The Rich Jerk continues to be one of the best selling programs in the industry.

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When watching the video, take note that the price recently dropped from $15 to less than $10. I recommend you take advantage of this!

I have had a great personal experience with The Rich Jerk, so my story is biased. Not everyone will have the success that I have had, but I have been very, very pleased.

I should clarify that I knew very, very little about internet marketing before I bought The Rich Jerk. It was definitely my launching pad.

The best part is not the ebook or any part of The Rich Jerk itself – the best part is the forum. And while The Rich Jerk does make an occasional appearance in there, it is the other members that have helped me the most.

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The Rich Jerk Review: My Personal Experience

The Rich Jerk Review

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I bought The Rich Jerk when I was fresh out of high school. I was eighteen years old and knew very, very little about making money on the internet. I had heard about affiliate marketing, but I didn’t k now how to do it correctly.

After I signed up with The Rich Jerk, I put together a web site that was supposed to be “just an experiment.” It became so much more than that.

After reading The Rich Jerk, I implemented one of his strategies and honestly didn’t expect much, but I made $100 in my first four days. When I saw that there was some potential in what I was doing, I modified the strategies and started cranking out $1,000 a week as an eighteen year old.

Now, I am a college student that owns a corporation, taken multiple company trips, am a sought after expert in the realm of internet marketing, and I have built a business that has put me through college, paid for my company car, and helped me to live the life that I want. The Rich Jerk has completely changed my life.

The Rich Jerk: The Strategies

I signed up with The Rich Jerk two years ago, and I still use the strategies that I learned back then. Although the internet has changed a lot since The Rich Jerk came on the scene, his strategies hold steady and still work.

The Rich Jerk covers several different ways to make money on the internet. Included is affiliate marketing, Google Adsense, selling on eBay, and even creating your own product. However, he doesn’t stop there. The Rich Jerk explains how to beat your competition at each of these methods.

My first venture after reading The Rich Jerk has netted me tens of thousands of dollars, and it was not terribly difficult to implement. There is a slight learning curve, but I was able to overcome it very quickly. Not everyone is as fortunate as I was, however; I will confess that I had a very passionate interest to learn how the industry worked, and I put what I learned into practice almost immediately.

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The Rich Jerk Review

  • Tested, Proven Strategies
  • Overview of Different Methods
  • If You Implement Them, You Can Be Successful

The Rich Jerk: Best Feature

The Rich Jerk Review

  • The Forum Is The Best Feature
  • Fills In the Gaps
  • The Greatest Reason for My Success
  • Updates Through The Rich Jerk Blog
  • Best Bang for the Buck
  • A Measly $10

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The absolute best thing about The Rich Jerk is the forum. I have learned more from the people there than from anywhere else on the internet. Some very helpful internet marketers are there, and they take the time to mentor the newbies in the industry.

In fact, some of the same people that answered my questions when I first began are the same people that I continue to work with today.

The forum also picks up the slack where The Rich Jerk ebook misses the mark. The ebook is an overview of many different ways to make money online, and the forum helps you apply each strategy on a very basic level. The Rich Jerk forum is the single greatest reason for my success online.

Recently, The Rich Jerk began to update his blog on a regular basis. Here, he offers additional tips to help to increase your business, and he offers new strategies that even I appreciate today.

Also, The Rich Jerk is definitely the most affordable program on the internet. At $10, it trumps the price of any other “make money online” program.

Got $10? Invest It Into The Rich Jerk

The Rich Jerk: Where It Lacks

If there is one place that The Rich Jerk lacks, it is in updates. The program is not updated on a regular basis, but I feel that the information in the forum and the blog picks up the slack.

Some of the strategies are going to go over your head, but that’s okay. If you do what I did, and implement one strategy, the others will come. Don’t expect to understand everything overnight.

However, while The Rich Jerk is very inexpensive and contains a lot of great information, they often will try to sell you their corrosponding mentoring programs and “free websites.” I would recommend steering clear of the “free” website, which is cookie-cutter in nature and requires you to pay $100 in hosting.

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The Rich Jerk Review

  • Not Updated Very Regularly
  • Avoid “Free Websites”

The Rich Jerk: Summary and Recommendation

The Rich Jerk Review

  • $10
  • Still A Top Recommendation
  • I’ve Had A Great Experience
The Rich Jerk is less than $10, and, even after all this time, is still worth every penny. The Rich Jerk used to cost $150, and when I joined, it still cost $50; now, it is less than $10.

I recommend reading The Rich Jerk to find out if internet marketing is for you. If it isn’t, then you can exercise the money back guarantee on your money. If it is, then you can set yourself up to make thousands of dollars, as is what happened to me.

Perhaps I am biased, but I continue to recommend The Rich Jerk to friends, family, and people who are starting to get into internet marketing. Even after all this time, The Rich Jerk still gets a high recommendation. If you are willing to put in a little bit of work, The Rich Jerk is, in my opinion, still one of the best “make money” guides in existence.

Let me repeat something; after reading The Rich Jerk, I was making around $1,000 a week in less than a month, and I was only eighteen years old! Therefore, I know for a fact that the strategies work.

At $10, what do you have to lose?

Get The Rich Jerk here.

The Rich Jerk: Final Words

The Rich Jerk is what got me started when I was looking to make money on the internet. However, what set me apart from many other people is that I took action. If you are willing to take action, to learn a new skill, and to make a lot of money, then you can’t go wrong with The Rich Jerk. It is one of the least expensive programs online, and it is all backed up by a money back guarantee.

Recall Kelly Felix’s story and how he went from a struggling actor to a successful internet marketer. How would you like to have that kind of success? On a small scale, recall that an eighteen year old kid straight out of high school pulled in $1,000 a week by implementing his strategies. Would a thousand dollars a week change your life? After all this time, The Rich Jerk still gets a top recommendation.

The Rich Jerk ReviewThe Rich Jerk

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  1. Hi,

    I am ASHRAFaK. I believe you n your system. I am a victim of a many online scams. Now i am not able to buy your product since my bad financial situation. So i ask for your generosity to provide me with your product neither freely nor on a discount but on a pay later condition.

    I can guarantee you that I will work hard on your system and I WILL PAY YOU THE AMOUNT DUE TO YOU FROM MY FIRST EARNINGS ITSELF. And internet n online marketing has been my passion.

    Hoping to hear from you soon in a personal reply,

    and thanking you,

    I need is a collaborator.  

    An individual who would also like to make money on line and willing to work with me to figure out how to make ’good programs’ and ‘good materials’ work.  The four programs I tried so far came either without
    intelligent customer service, or any customer service.   

    I can read instructions.  I have more technical knowledge and computer experience and work harder than most people who use these programs to actually make money.  Why can’t 
    I do this solo?  I believe, because I automatically interpolate almost everything I read and see and sometimes miss key details, lost to me in plain sight.  On the other hand, book keepers and accountants never miss details.  I regularly write and create powerful copy, flyers and brochures. I usually need an editor.

    It would be both convenient and practical for me to work with anyone located anywhere in the United States or Canada for our mutual benefit.   Definitely this would not be a financial arrancement, but simply a way for both of us to see what is, more clearly.  After due dilligence, either one of us could choose to buy, or or not buy a program on line, or possibly we could buy a program and share what we learned.  All of these programs are sold by marketers through “Clickbank” and come with a 60 day (or longer) money back guarantee.  I had absolutely no problem effecting four refunds very recently. 

    I would appreciate your thoughts. 

    Thank you.

    Marvin L. Piller

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