SEO Training w/ Matt Carter and Ryan Moran

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Free traffic from the search engines has put more money in my pocket than any other traffic strategy. The same is true for my friend, Matt Carter, who is a super affiliate for many different products- he also relies on free traffic from the search engines to make many of his sales.

Matt’s been rearing up his search engine optimization, so I asked him to spend some time going over his strategy with us. In this completely pitch-free video, Matt gives his overall process, as well as one wickedly ninja blog commenting strategy for backlinks.

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10 thoughts on “SEO Training w/ Matt Carter and Ryan Moran

  1. Thanks for doing this video guys. It really helps to remind oneself that I’m on the right track and to get extra info and ideas on seo, linking,etc.

    It is hard doing affiliate marketing alone but its great to have good people like you and Matt doing helpful videos.

  2. GREAT STUFF as USUAL RYAN! Loving all your material over at etycoon…and lump sum profits and local tycoon. All GREAT totally enjoying this and can’t wait to share my first flip success with you guys.

  3. The claim that you do not have to spend as much time building links if you focus on on-page optimization more is completely false. Building quality links beats on-page optimization tenfold. That claim is completely without merit. Any reliable SEO knows that fact. Most of the information is decent, but yet again, meta tags have ABSOLUTELY NO weight in rankings! Google themselves have admitted this on webmaster videos on youtube. Meta keyword tags are useless, meta description tags are useless for search engines as far as rankings, but occasionally show up as a snippet in SERPs and may be useful to users only. Which is the only reason why I might include them. Conversion optimization should be the focus of on-page optimization. I do not claim to be an SEO expert, but come on… these mistakes are FUNDAMENTAL points of SEO in 2010 and 2011. This guys obviously doesn’t monitor Google or the SEO world very well…

    • Brian, neither of us claim to be anything of an algorithm genius, but this is what we’ve found to work in both of our businesses. And I think you’re misquoting Matt about meta tags – he stresses their importance because of what shows up. And while I agree that they won’t help you rank (at all), getting them wrong can hurt you. And I also agree that optimization should be the focus, but on-page factors do still hold importance.

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