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Do I Need A Tax ID?

The simple answer is no; Salehoo’s database connects you directly to suppliers’ public web sites, allowing you to instantly start purchasing goods. Since they are (usually) not private membership sites, most everyone can purchase goods, but Salehoo makes the process a lot easier. However, in the occasion that you run into a more private company that sells products that you need that wants a business name, a tax ID is a good thing to have. Thankfully, they can easily and quickly be obtained from government websites, such as

Can I sell electronics such as iPods, 360s, and video games with Salehoo?

I cringe whenever I hear this question, and here’s why: the temptation is to believe that “hot” items will sell well, and there must be high profits. This is rarely the right approach; after all, if Apple has a hot selling item, what is their incentive to sell it at a discount? A better approach is to sell niche items in underserved markets.

With that in mind, it is NOT impossible (or necessarily “hard”) to sell electronics and popular items with the help of Salehoo. When a product is new on the market, eBay prices are often higher than they are in stores because of how unavailable they are. But with a Salehoo membership, you have a list of suppliers ready to provide the goods. Therefore, even if you have to pay above wholesale price, you can often make a profit from the release of a new product.

So if everybody has access to the directory, won’t the market be saturated?

If you’re thinking of only selling on eBay, then yes, unless you find a really tiny niche. However, marketing plays a big role in an ecommerce business. When you’re selling online, some people use websites, others use pay-per-click, some use eBay, and on and on. This is a marketing game, which is why you need Sky High Auctions.

Tell me about this bonus you’ve got.

Real simple: if you purchase through, you’ll get Sky High Auctions, a $267 product, for free with your Salehoo order. That ain’t a gimmick, and it comes attached to your Salehoo order. It will teach you how to market yourself effectively and maximize the directory that you have at Salehoo.

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