How I Became A Super Affiliate


For years, I struggled to crack the code of what the big guns were doing online. Then, Travis Sago told me how he structures his promotions, and I became a superaffiliate overnight. JVs wanted to connect with me, my products started selling, and I made more money in less time by doing this.

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16 thoughts on “How I Became A Super Affiliate

  1. Hey Ryan!

    Inspiring stuff man! I have a question though…

    Most of the time when I hear about this method being implemented, it’s mostly referring to the process being used in the IM niche.

    My question is do you think this model works the same way with other niches outside of internet marketing?

    I’m currently trying to create a follow-up sequence in the dating niche. What are your thoughts on this?

    • Yeah, it actually works better outside the IM niche. Dating niche is great. Reason you see it more in the IM crowd is because those folks often are more email marketing savvy.

  2. Hi Ryan

    Do you have another payment system such as PayPal? For whatever reason my Visa is being declined when trying to purchase. Works elsewhere as I’ve used it shopping today and online. Just seems to be an issue with your payment system.


  3. Jennifer pointed me your way. I’ve surveyed IM from the cheap seats for a while–enough to know (as a newbie, at least) to avoid an SEO-dependent business model. And long enough to get past the “shiny object syndrome” by having purchased my share of glowing promises. But enough about that. ‘See you inside the private member’s forum of Blue Collar Commissions… And thanks!

  4. Hey Ryan,

    Man I’ve been looking for answers to finally have a breakthrough, and instead of having a little bit of money come in after a few months, see a steady flow of money come in month after month. I always heard the answer was the mantra of IM which is, “The money is IN the list.” Never thought it could be so simple, but now I see that’s what it is my eyes are finally open.
    Now my question to you is, in the Blue Collar Marketing Method, is it basically I find an affiliate product to promote and before they reach the affiliate product offer I have a “magic tease page” / lead capture page before they hit that offer, to give something away related to that offer, and after sign up they continue to the affiliate product?
    How do we know what to offer on the squeeze page/ magic tease page that will ensure they will give their name and email? Are we taught that also?
    Hope to hear from you soon, and I will be on my way to purchase your product once I hear back from you. Thanks for all your help and encouragement, and I plan to be one of those 1000 people you will have helped make their IM dream a reality

    All the best,

    Eric Lovelace

  5. Lists are great, but you still have to get traffic to a squeeze page or your website to build that list. Building a list isn’t as simple as setting up a page and people come to it. You have to add content, get back links, be social and ensure you are marketing something that is good. If you are in the right niche and the right keywords you can build a squeeze page and get traffic with minimal work. This involves research, there are great free keyword tools available @ this tool will let you brainstorm your seed keywords this tool will allow you to enrich your content after you have written it.

    Yes the money is in the list, but there is no magical way to do this. Build a website, write good content and then they will come and your list will start to build.

    Good Luck Everyone!

  6. Hey!
    I just bought BLUE COLLAR COMMSSIONS today online for $47, but I was not given access to the website for training. I have bought Blue Collar Commissions and have no way to use it, can’t find the website for training.

    I also was redirected to the upsale page to buy the 10 Squeeze pages that are already set up for use, but my bank denied payment because they said there was a discrepancy from the $197 price on your website, and so I was not able to purchase them. I still want to buy them, but how do I go about doing that?

    Please e-mail ASAP so I can get started. Thank you

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