Hire Me

I will double your sales.

If you’re a small to mid-sized business ($500,000 to $10,000,000 per year), you may qualify to work with me to as much as double your sales in the next year.

There are two ways to work directly with me: consult with me, or let me do it for you.

Option 1: Consult With Me
If you’ve got a marketing team in place, we’ll sit down together and construct a winning online marketing strategy to make you the dominant player in your market. You’ll leave with a completed business model for crushing your online competition. When you’re working with me, you have no competition.

Consulting rates average $400/hour, and in rare cases, they are free in exchange for an equity stake in the company.

Option 2: Let Me Do It For You
My partner, Jason, and I will sit down and analyze the current state of your business and come up with a complete marketing strategy for dominating your market. If you don’t have a website, we’ll build one for you. If you do have a website, we’ll optimize it so that it’s at the top of Google for your most profitable keywords, get you listed in the local search results, and even begin building your customer list.

Our company, Sales Automatic, aims to double your sales without you having to do a darn thing, and our team will manage the entire process for you while you see consistent improvement in your sales.

Warning: you may have to hire a new employee with all the new business that comes through your door.

The ideal clients for Sales Automatic are established local businesses that want to put the nail in the coffin of their competition. You will crush every other player in your market once you dominate the search results, have a sales process on autopilot, and have customers beating down your door.

Typically, our services involve getting your site to dominate the search engines, website optimization, and lead generation. In some cases, services can branch into mobile marketing, traffic generation, and other a la carte services.

Rates for this all inclusive done-for-you service vary, but they are typically very affordable, especially when compared to the drastic increase that you’ll see in sales.

To inquire about what Sales Automatic can do for your business, email me directly at ryan@salesautomatic.com, or leave me a voicemail at 866 270 7515.

Know a local business that could use to double their sales? Refer a client and receive a $1k referral bonus for every small business that we take on for a 3-month contract or more. Just email me at ryan@salesautomatic.com and include the company in the email, and we’ll handle the rest.

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7 thoughts on “Hire Me

  1. Hi Ryan,

    I watched Daniel Turner’s webinar and I wanted to sign up. I would like to sign up for the program that he was offering. It looks like it’s not available anymore. Any sugestions on how I can take advantage on that offer?

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Ryan, are you able to help market small businesses online here in Australia in 2013?
    And what fees are you charging?
    Thanks Adrian.

  3. Ryan:
    Please refund my $97 removed from my bank a/c on 8/18 or 8/17 or 8/16, whenever. After you refunded my $$97 last month, I thought we were clear on my not being able to participate. Please confirm my cancellation by e-mail that you have done so.
    Thank you

  4. I am NOT into “Dropshipping” I have absolutely NO interest in your program. I have told
    your staff, “NOT Interested” but I get calls from Doba wanting me to get started with
    “coaching” I AM NOT interested so don’t bug me with calls on the phone!

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