Free Man’s Manifesto

Download the Free Man’s Manifesto here.

You’re about to discover the five step plan to being completely free and enjoying the absolute most out of life.

Not only does this mean having enough money coming in to live your life as you choose, but it also means freedom from an overbearing boss, complete and total freedom of your time, the freedom to live life as YOU choose, and the freedom to live wherever you want… whether it is soaking up the sun on the beach or in your hometown with your family.

The document that you’re about to read is very near and dear to my heart, and it is frequently updated, so feel free to share it with anyone who is important to you on this journey.

Download the Free Man’s Manifesto here.

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15 thoughts on “Free Man’s Manifesto

  1. can’t figure out how to sign up went to click bank but could not get signed up I’m one of those “newbies” who would love to make alot of money…. please contact me and assist me in signing up Thanks Joanne

  2. Hi Ryan l was introduced to your Lump Sum Profits system through Andrew Hansen here in Australia. l have to say that it is so refreshing to listen to and read from someone who is as genuine and appealing as you. Its a rare commodity in the world of internet marketing, so many thanks.

  3. Great Manifesto. Can see where you have drawn your thinking from, but well put and a great perspective. Hope lots of people read this.
    Thanks Ryan

  4. Hey Ryan read your manifesto and really thought it hit home..very cool. As an IMer myself, I can’t help but get a little frustrated though when I download the report and it is cool…a good read..a good teaser….then…ummm…where’s all the actionable steps to follow to create the job killing income you describe in your report?

    It’s not in there.

    Which I understand the report is a bribe to gather one’s email address. But c’mon, at least talk about how to set up small niche website review pages…like the ones you created and made $100k after graduation. Something other than the obvious of …invest in real estate, or dividend stocks or ebay arbitrage or stuff that is obvious.

    This comment is not meant to be harmful, but if you’re truly trying to help others make money online and quit their dayjob, then you need to include some “real life” stuff that you’ve done yourself. Meaning not just provide a link to google sniper and say go read this.

    That’s the problem that I see with most IMers and affiliate’s is that they always have teasers and then …oh if you really want to learn the actionable steps…then you gotta but this product.

      • I agree! And I understand the whole “duplication” of business models to set and forget, but I think some of the tactics are so watered down that they almost piss you off to the point of turning you off. Example one is the teaser as you stated, though Bob Proctor and Brendon Burchard had different takes on the “gimme lead in”, stating that now with the affordability and plethora of internet availability, the Gimme has to be bigger and bolder. Like give away some of your older products free, as a gimme, to entice people to come buy the newer products. I think that is a good idea, and gives more value for aspiring entrepreneurs, than the small teaser does. The other thing that I think irritates aspiring IMs are the “follow up sales”. The pages that keep saying “congrats on your wise investment! Now of course I couldn’t share ALL my secrets in this $37 package, so you’ll only have this ONE time to click now and upgrade to get my most successful secrets for an incredible $97! Click away and you’ll never see this again!” (Which we know isn’t true.. they’ll email you the same spiel again and again.) And THEN, regardless if you purchased the upsale or turned it down, then you’ll land at yet ANOTHER “Congrats, now get my ‘done for you’ product, so all you have to do is pay $197 and make money in your sleep without lifting a finger!” package page. It almost makes you not want to buy the first product in the first place, because you feel like they intentionally give you a half ass product, so that you have to buy the rest to piece it together. Or at the very least, they make you feel that way.

  5. Ryan, I am ABSOLUTELY broke, & homeless. Could you please help me & I’ll pay you back once I get going? Also, I was unable to open the freedommanifesto. Please help me, I have nowhere else to turn!

  6. A successful Marketer should address his own comments section but at the very least if you too busy counting cash then hire someone to do it for him. Nothing you do not already know. Some people contribute to the Guru Go Round and some people try to make a difference.

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