Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you?

Well, that’s not an easy question to answer, but my name is Ryan Moran, and I’m a college student at Indiana Wesleyan University. I own my own marketing firm called Moran Internet Marketing Corp., and I earn a full time income on the internet. This site,, is about helping you to find your chosen course of action to make money on the internet. Basically, I’m attempting to pass my success onto you.


How do I know you are who you say you are?

Um, I don’t know that it matters, but you can see pictures of me all over the place, and if you feel like being a stalker, you can cross reference what I say at my blog,


How should I make money online?

That really depends upon what you’re looking to do. Most people find their way here because they are looking for a way to make money on eBay or in drop shipping. Drop shipping is popular because people can easily understand the process. If you know nothing about drop shipping, you can see the crash course that I put together here: Dropship Tips.

When making a cold recommendation without knowing a person, I usually suggest affiliate marketing, as this is how I got started. It’s a very easy concept, and it does not take long to implement. For this strategy, I strongly and highly recommend reading the Wealthy Affiliate Review.


How do you know so much?

Well, I’ve been in the internet marketing game for a long time now, and I’ve become very familiar with the different strategies and the courses that people buy and use when looking to make money on the internet. I started just where you probably are right now: I scoured the internet looking for legitimate work at home business opportunities, and I finally found one that I love, and I have stuck with it.


Do you buy each of the courses that you review?

Sometimes. For example, I have personally purchased Wealthy Affiliate, Salehoo, The Rich Jerk, Day Job Killer, Worldwide Brands, Doba, as well as many of the other programs that I discuss on this site. However, there are others that I haven’t had to purchase. Sometimes, the owners of the programs allow me to review their sites for free. Other times, I can identify the strategies that the program is teaching and give a review. I don’t know every single program on the internet; if you email me with a question about a program that I’m not familiar with, I promise not to pretend like I know everything about it.


So, if you’re making all this money, why are you still in college?

Trust me, I’ve asked myself this question many times. There have been several occasions that I considered dropping out of school. However, because of the advice of my friends, my teachers, my family, and those that I consider to be mentors, I believe that finishing my education is important.

Hopefully, I will never have to “use” my degree in a traditional sense. However, the relationships, the spiritual atmosphere, and the personal growth and experience are enough to keep me in college.


Do you make money from the programs that you suggest?

Sort of. I suppose the short answer to this question is ‘yes.’ Most of the companies that I review will pay me a referral fee or commission for sending a customer their way. This is called affiliate marketing. However, take note that even the companies to which I give a negative review would pay me if I referred customers to them, as well. I could easily recommend the awful data entry out there, and I could recommend other programs of lesser quality and make money doing it. However, I choose not to do this, because if I recommended bad programs, then people would not take me as an honest reviewer. Most of the programs that you’ll find on are ones that I use on a regular basis. For example, if you were to sign up for Wealthy Affiliate, yes, I would receive a commission, but you would also see me participating on the forum there, and you could even private message me personally.


I found a site that says that you are a scam. What’s the deal?

Yeah, there is a site on the internet that claims that I’m a scam artist. (If you’re curious, you can see it here.) I’ve tried to contact him, but he stays silent. The one time that I DID here back from him, he told me that he would change his review of me only if I recommended his program. Puh-leeze.

Basically, he’s upset that I earn commissions from the recommendations that I make. However, I do not hide from this – if you buy one of the programs that I discuss on this site, there is a possibility that I’ll receive a commission from it. At the same time, I will answer your emails and continue to provide information about making money on the internet at no cost.

Furthermore, the site that gives me a bad rap gives contact information that isn’t mine, claims that I graduated from a school in Wisconsin (um, no, that isn’t true), and says that I’m not a college student (I am, I really am!). Here’s my favorite misconception on his website: he gives the name of one reviewer who he feels can be trusted. Ironically, the person that he names is my closest friend and ally in the internet marketing industry. In fact, we occasionally do some work together. The writer of the article truly does not understand internet marketing.

There are a lot of bad people on the internet, and this guy probably has just been ripped off one too many times. He has his facts wrong, but his negative review about me has given me the opportunity to explain who I am, and it’s actually allowed for me to build good relationships with my readers.


How can I contact you?

Great question. Write to me at – I do my best and respond to about 90% of the emails that I receive.

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