Drop Ship Crash Course – Part One

Drop Ship Crash Course Part One

Welcome to the RyansReview.com “Drop Ship Crash Course.” In these short lessons, we’ll cover the essentials to drop shipping on the internet, which is a major strategy that many use to make money on eBay and from their own e-commerce stores.

Drop shipping is a topic that one can spend months studying, so this course will only begin to scratch the surface of the drop shipping industry. However, it will help you get an understanding of how the process works and assess as to whether or not it is a business model that you’d like to pursue.

The truth is that many people use drop shipping to create significant income streams on the internet, and many eBay Powersellers achieve this status from drop shipping. Contrary to popular thought, the big money on auctions sites like eBay is not always made by people who go to garage sales and put their findings online. Instead, drop shipping provides a way for people to sell physical products on the internet that they never have to see, store, package, ship, or even pay for.

On paper, it sounds way too good to be true, but once you understand that process that is behind it, it’s a very simple concept. Drop shipping is simply selling other people’s products at a premium, and keeping the difference as a profit. This practice is common not only on the internet, but in catalog businesses and even retail stores.

Drop shipping is not a new idea; it has been used by merchants and retailers for decades. However, the internet has opened the doors for the average work at homer like yourself to capitalize on this type of an opportunity. When sites like eBay became popular, it became easy to sell physical products online, so drop shippers used it as a way to sell additional units of the items that were already selling.

Today, drop shipping has become a very easy way for average people to make solid income streams from home, because it is easy to do, can be done in your spare time, does not require start up money, and is a understandable, realistic approach to make money from home.

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