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Doba ( is a fast growing drop shipping company that makes the process extremely easy. Promising ease of us and wholesale pricing, Doba simplifies the process and is an attractive alternative to simple wholesale directories and education.

While Doba has been criticized in the past for having high prices, they continuously work to provide competitive wholesale prices and top-notich tools.

While Doba does provide a very convenient place for everything you need to be successful in the drop ship arena, the service is very different than most other dropship wholesale companies. Therefore, in this Doba review, we will break down the positives and negatives and reveal what’s under the hood of

Doba Review

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Doba’s History


Doba Review

  • Doba Continues to Add New Suppliers
  • Doba Upgrades Its Training
  • Name Brand Products Available
  • Research Must Be Done to Make Money
  • A Good Foundation in Drop Shipping is Recommended Before Signing Up

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Doba was my first introduction to drop shipping. Prior to signing up, drop shipping was a brand new concept to me. Unfortunately, I didn’t take the time to learn the basics, so I found it to be difficult.

One year later, once my internet marketing education was deeply rooted, I spoke with the president of Doba, Jeremy Hanks, who knew about my experience. He challenged me to re-evaluate Doba to see what I thought about some changes that they had made. He claimed that they had made drastic improvements to their service since my last endeavor.

I took him up on his challenge to provide a more thorough Doba review, and I noticed several significant upgrades: a greater number of suppliers, the addition of name brand products, better educational resources, and better prices.

However, if you were to sign up with Doba without doing any research (like I originally did), you will probably have a hard time making money. Therefore, it is very important for you to either get a solid foundation of the drop ship process or make a commitment to utilizing Doba’s quality educational resources.

Research plays an important role in any drop shipping venture, and using is no exception. Because Doba has simplified the drop shipping process, many buy into the myth that they can simply take any product, list it on eBay, and make a profit, but that is not always the case. Do yourself a favor and become familiar with the interface and the process. Thankfully, you can do that by using the Doba free trial.


Doba Review

Doba Review and Breakdown Is Different


Doba Review

  • Everything In One Place
  • All Steps Done Through
  • Not An Extensive Directory
  • Different From Most Wholesale Sources
  • Offers A Free Trial

Doba offers a unique service from other drop ship wholesale sources. Doba puts everything into one place, which makes the drop ship process extremely easy. That means that when you order, you order through Doba. When you fulfill the order, you do it through Doba. When you need to do research for your next money making product, you can do it at Doba. It’s a one-stop shop.

This may or may not be what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for an extensive list of suppliers thrown together in a directory, then Doba won’t fulfill your needs. If you’re looking to do your own market research and do everything on your own, then the services from Doba will be unnecessary for you. However, if you’re looking for a way to simplify the process, then I recommend performing your own Doba review by testing their free trial.

Doba Review: Doba’s Pricing


Doba Review

  • Guarantees the Lowest Price
  • Can’t Always Compete With Heavy Hitters
  • Best Price Among Single Unit Drop Shipper
Doba guarantees the lowest price among internet drop shippers. In fact, they guarantee that if you can find a better wholesale price, they will give you two free months of use with Doba. However…When using Doba, you are drop shipping single units. While this makes things extremely easy for you, the prices are not going to be as low as if you were to buy in large bulk.Therefore, while Doba guarantees their drop ship price, people who are buying in large quantities are still going to be able to get a better price per unit. Among drop shippers, however, Doba guarantees the lowest price. If you’re looking for other programs that allow you to buy in bulk, see my wholesale directory reviews. If you made your own connections with suppliers, found your own drop ship companies, and sourced your own products, you would probably be able to find better prices. When it comes to drop shipping single item of units in a one-stop portal, however, Doba guarantees the lowest price.


Doba Review: Educational Resources


Doba Review

  • You Must Understand Drop Shipping
  • You Can’t Simply List All of Doba’s Goods Onto eBay
  • Doba Has Educational Resources to Help You to Learn the Business

Take Doba Up On Their Free Trial

It would be pointless for an individual to sign up with Doba if they had no intent on learning how the drop ship industry works and operates. Without proper research and a good education, it is near impossible to make money Doba or any other drop ship resource.

Many novices are under the impression that you can simply find all the goods on a directory like Doba and simply list them on eBay to amass huge profits. However, this is not the case. You need to be able to identify your market, find goods to meet their needs and price them accordingly.

Thankfully, Doba has excellent resources available to eliminate the learning curve and help you to learn as much as possible about the industry. They provide educational resources to help you along the way, including webinars, free ebooks, tips on the best selling products, email courses, and market research.

I’d recommend looking at their free trial and using their education resources before signing up. Review: Are There Name Brands?


Doba Review

  • Impressive Name Brands Available

Among the changes that I noticed in my latest Doba review was the fact that they had added name brand products to their database. The ability to drop ship quality, well-known goods is a big plus in a drop ship business. For example, Doba is the only source that I have found that allows its users to drop ship single units of the Apple iPod.

Doba is able to do this because they negotiate single unit prices with wholesale suppliers. Therefore, one can find single units to drop ship that are impossible to find from other wholesale sources. Again, this does not mean that you can find them cheaper than those who buy in large bulk, but it is significantly lower than the MSRP of the product.

Where Does Doba Excel?

Where does Doba lack?

Doba is extremely easy to use. I had no trouble navigating through the Doba site, even when I was green to the drop shipping business. It is very easy to find, buy, and list items for sale.

Doba also has a feature that allows the user to push an item directly to eBay very easily. Therefore, if you find an item that sells well on eBay, you can sell it there over and over with ease. This feature alone is extremely valuable, and it simplifies the entire drop ship process.

Doba the easiest drop ship service that I have ever used. They combine suppliers, eBay, and e-commerce to provide a service that makes the entire process extremely easy. It is very easy for even the most novice internet user to become familiar with Doba’s interface and begin drop shipping immediately. Therefore, Doba’s ease of use is their best feature.

As I’ve stated, success with Doba takes research. If you are expecting to be able to put all of Doba’s products on eBay and make money, you will be disappointed.

If there is one place that Doba lacks, it is in the fact that they can’t always compete with eBay prices. Remember that some people buy in bulk and are able to list items at lower prices. In addition, those who buy from other countries or sell fake “knock off” items are also going to beat Doba’s prices.

Therefore, while Doba guarantees the lowest wholesale drop ship price, they are not always able to compete with some heavy hitters in the industry. On the other hand, if you find an item that sells extremely well, and it is making money on a consistent basis, you may consider exploring bulk opportunities outside of Doba.

Doba Review: My Recommendation


Doba Review

  • Doba Is Different
  • Doba Is Not for Everyone
  • Doba Simplifies the Process
  • Doba Guarantees Low Prices
  • Doba Can’t Always Compete on eBay
  • My Recommendation: Use the Free Trial to Give Doba A Test Run

Try Doba for Free

Doba is not for everybody. If you are unwilling to do adequate product research in your online ventures, then you probably won’t make money with Doba. Therefore, while I’ve done an extensive Doba review, it is tough to say whether or not Doba is for you until you try it.

Thankfully, Doba offers a free 7-Day trial to see if it will meet your needs. I recommend you do your own Doba Review by exercising Doba’s free trial.

Doba is different, and unlike other drop ship wholesale companies on the internet, it allows users to drop ship any single unit from their catalog, and they make the entire drop ship process extremely easy. However, the fact that everything is in one place does not mean that there isn’t any research or work required on your behalf.

Success with Doba takes research. Although they guarantee the lowest wholesale price, they often cannot compete with eBay pricing. Therefore, you must learn how to do things correctly before you will see results. Doba offers plenty of educational materials to help you get over the learning curve.

I recommend doing you own Doba review by checking out their free trial here.

Doba Review

Date published: 05/12/2009
4.7 / 5 stars

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524 thoughts on “Doba Review

  1. Ryan, sorry but your ‘review’ of comes across as a thinly veiled attempt to get people to sign up for their free trial. You didn’t actually review doba at all but simply listed all of the points that can be found on their web site. Your contempt for your audience is palpable.

    • I agree this is pretty vague and just keeps stating the basic information that anyone would I did not learn anything from this post except you are pushing a free trail. Do you make money from this?

    • Free trial? yesterday I’ve received the free trial activation mail. And also a charge of 47,24€ against my credit card. Is this a Free Trial? Nor a bill on on-line invoice. Nothing at all. No way to contact no one. And ist’s a monthly billing. I’ve had to cancel my Card, and ask for a new one.

      I feel having been fooled. Take care. Do not sign up for free trial. Not if you are not at their neighborhood.

    • Thanks a lot for everyone’s input on this. I, too, have researched reviews on Doba in Google and about 99% are all negative. Only Ryan’s review on Doba is the positive one for some reason. I’ll pass on Doba from hereon. There’s gotta be a better way. Thanks again!

  2. Doba is pushing an integration system with Commerce Rocket that is VERY limited at best. Commerce Rocket applies a one size “fits all” service.

    I placed over 200 items on my site. When an inventory refresh was performed, it changed all my customer pricing. A huge flaw! It also changes the msrp if you had to initially change that too.

    The refresh arbitrarily changes all the prices in the category you are working with. You have at best, a VERY limited ability to control customer prices during an inventory refresh.

    You are provided with only 4 customer cost choices. Use MSRP, your product cost or adjust the customer cost up/down by a fixed amount or percentage rate.

    Unless you have the same purchase prices, shipping costs, markups and so on across your entire inventory, this integrated system is not going to work for you.

    There is one more option . . . Go through your inventory and reset the prices line by line after every inventory/product update. I don’t know about any of you, but that is not true integration, it’s merely cut and paste on their end and a heck of a long repair job on my end.

    I spent most of my Christmas and New Year holiday trying to correct this problem because I wanted to open my Internet store on Jan 1, 2012.

    Doba points a finger at Commerce Rocket and Commerce Rocket points a finger at Doba. Some partnership, huh?

    Before any nay-Sayers chime in, I compared spread sheets from both companies. The structures are completely different.

    Doba has 47 columns and Commerce Rocket uses only 40. Only the first two columns match. Unless you love doing cut and paste and like to take a stab in the dark at which column descriptions truly match, this is a futile endeavor.

    Doba’s spread sheet also contains my cost prices in the customer price column and Commerce Rocket is not loading all the data from my inventory on Doba.

    When I brought this information up to both companies, they acted as if I had no idea what I was talking about or what marketing was about.

    The only resolve I was offered, was by Commerce Rocket. I’m still in the 30 day trial period. The offered to cancel my account. Some fix!

    Doba isn’t any better. They do a fine imitation of an ostrich with it’s head stuck in the ground. If it doesn’t see the problem, there must be no problem.

    In a traditional retail/wholesale market, no two products, even the same types are ever the same. Markups, retail prices and shipping costs will be different every time!

    Both these companies need to go back to sales & marketing 101 and learn more about the type of businesses they want to support and should inform prospective customers of the businesses platforms they can’t support.

    To date, I have spent almost $1000 to only to discover in the end, this system is utterly useless.

  3. I wish if i saw this website before signing up with Doba. Over a year ago I sign up with Doba after they refused to cancel my trail and convince me to get my money back if I don`t make it selling their product. Guess what their product very high that i did`nt sell a single thing on ebay. I called to cancel before they renew my account. the person was very rude, and refused to give me my money back because acorrding to her I had to log in every month to get the special (Money back), and I told her that I was never told that I have to loging specific times, she replied that Doba don`t have to tell me. then she hung up on me. Please learn from this and don`t sign up with a scam company like Doba.

  4. Doba sucks, I have used them for 2 years, first selling on Ebay now on my site. I will not sign up for a third year. Biggest problem I have is with their suppliers, I try to find one and stick to them, I keep getting screwed, one recent supplier had about 300 items, I coppied and pasted all to my site (hours of work), this week they took down all their items (no warning). Now i am stuck, cant get my customer orders shipped and have to take off my site.
    I emailed Doba 10 times , they never responded.
    A nother thing I noticed their larger suppliers all sell on their own sites, and cheaper too, you can find these suppliers and deal directly with them
    Doba definitely not worth the money- no control over suppliers

  5. Doba lists items with available quantities as low as 4 pieces, without any indication as to when the stock will be refilled. They also had me on their 14 day trial but cut me off at 7 days. If I wanted to continue doing product research, I would have to pay the $59.95 monthly fee even though I had not ordered anything yet. I had left messages about their service and products, however it went unanswered before my supposed ’14 day trial period’ had expired. Very poor way to start a business relationship.

  6. @wayne that sounds odd as Doba does not cut you off after the trial. they automatically charge you the $59.95 if you don’t cancel so I would make sure your cancelled.

    I have only been on the free trail for 2 days but I guess there is a few items you might be able to make a little money from but from most of the items I have looked up your lucky if you can break even. Some items I have seen are cheaper at retail stores. I have even seen items that Doba sells for more the the MSRP and in both cases I am not even including the shipping.

    • I think he means that they advertised a 14 day free trial, but then changed the terms to a 7 day free trial after he signed up. I see a LOT of complaints on the Better Business Bureau complaining about that.

  7. Doba does sound good,but everytime I consider it, I do a Google search and find nothing but negative things about it. Members of Salehoo also agree that it is hard to make money with Doba. I am fearful of signing up with anything that automatically hits your bank acount for $60 or more per month. If they are located in the United States, the FTC should investigate them.

  8. I think Doba is a scam. It doesn’t gives us good quality and yes like Jim said, all you’ve got is negative feedback when you search it to Google.

  9. I did know up front that DOBA has a money back guarantee. But they do not honor it. I logged on a MINIMUM of 4 times a month. Tried several times to Push to Market with E-Bay and did not get a single sale. Loaded a couple thousand of their products onto my website and still could not get a single sale of their items. Tried to talk with their so called customer service for assistance on shipping, etc.. so I could set my site up properly. Kept getting pushed to these other sites and companies to “Market” for at a cost of several thousand dollars. No Help. Then when my year was finally up, they refused to give me my money back. They claim that I did not log in a min of 4x per month. They weaseled their way out of giving up my money…..I had a bad feeling with them from the get go…and did what they required. They are liars…. And they will get your money one way or the other……

  10. I’ve been using Doba for only 2 days now, taking his advice of trying the 7 day trial. This is my first experience with a dropshipper after researching for about 6 hours a day 7 days a week for about a month. I figured screw it, at this point I’m just going to have to try trial and error. But I thought I would share my thoughts. This site might be good for someone who doesn’t want to find their own wholesalers, or do any sort of work like that, and only sell what other want them to sell, but that’s about all it’s good for. As someone who enjoys computers, and has an understanding of their price I spent a good bit of my time there. There were many listing for thumb drives and cases, but there were also plenty of listings for laptops and desktops. All of them are either over priced, or priced right at the sale value. Take for example, I found a listing for a 4gb thumb drive costing you upwards of $200. Who in their right mind would buy that? even on the low end they only cost $6, but they only go for $6-8. So after you account for all the fees you pay through Doba, and eBay or Amazon, you’ll be paying them to work essentially. I found a refurb HP i5 4gb 128gb SATA HD going for a whooping $934. Even IF that was the price NIB, it couldn’t be worth more than $400 refurb. I also found a refurb Gateway 4gb 1TB touchscreen desktop going for $437, which is the price, but we are trying to make money here, not spend money to sell other peoples stuff. Then they continue to say the MSRP on it is $1200. No way in hell. They were selling 16gb thumb drives for $30-50 on the low end. No way in hell is that even close to a good deal. When a man in business goes through a wholesale company they are “supposed” to be able to buy pallets of these things at maybe 1000 units per pallet at about $100 for the whole pallet. So this is WAY off. What people also don’t realize is that it costs nothing to the manufacturer to make a 2, 4, 16, 32gb drive. It all costs basically the same, they just jack up the price cuz people see the size and think it’s worth more.

    Now with that said I did find maybe 3-4 items worth listing, but the competition on the items was so much that it wasn’t worth it anyway. I did find an Acer Aspire notebook quadcore 4gb 500gb refurb they were selling for $338, I MIGHT be able to squeeze $400 out of it to get my listing costs back, but that’s about it. I’ll break even. Thing is, if you want to be a retailer making deals with wholesalers you should be able to make about a 300% profit on each item believe it or not. You wont find that going through this website. You might make a few bucks here or there after going through the hassle of selling for them, and the time it take just to find the item. Maybe there are good deals with this site, but I couldn’t find them. I also decided not to waste my time or money using their so called “selling tools” either. Good luck if you want to try these guys.

  11. Can you really make money selling Doba products? I have read a lot of negative comments on various forums?

    I am considering starting a drop ship business selling yoga and active / sports wear and just looking for a reliable program / drop shippers.

  12. I think I will have to try Doba trial period soon. They seem to have nice and easy to use tools to sell products and have them shipped. I don’t really mind spending the necessary cash for 1 year if I need that period of time to make my own opinion based on my own work habits. I am a hard worker.

    Not having to deal with shipping is a huge deal. I sell a lot on eBay already but I have to go to the post office several times a week. If Doba takes care of that, it worth a lot… that saved time of packaging can be used to research better selling niche.

    Most comments I read are based on experiences of less than 1 month. I do not think they are relevant. Doba or all the other ‘middleman’ are not a one-click recipe to success. It requires tons of work and research. I feel from the comments I read that people want everything to fall from the sky with no effort. That is why I am not sure I can listen to the advice of not trying it.

    Their low montly price is very appealing. Considering it takes at least 2-3 month only to learn .. I have a goal of starting making money on month 4.

    I will try it for a few month and put my review on my website regularly.

  13. STAY Away from DOba’s free trial. They are thieves. They automatically sign you up for monthly membership even though they tell you when providing your card details that they wont. And they just debit your account once the free trial is over. Pls stay away….Just had a bad experience…and to make things worse, they did not even have good items and prices!!!!

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  16. It’s worst website , they thieves ,
    I’m from Dubai , I signed up with free trial account , and today they
    Charged me 59.95 USD , although it’s FREE TRIAL ACCOUNT ???? their customer derives baddddddd ,
    They not accept cancel my account , and their prudicts so hight prices .
    It’s was worst day in my life when I signed up on this scam website , I’m so angry , they monthly cost me 59.95 USD for nothing ,
    I will cancel my bank card , my advice for everyone , don’t sign up with this stupid website , they are thieves ,

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