Build A Niche Store Review

Build A Niche Store Review

Build A Niche Store is very unique from many other money making services on the internet, as it allows anyone to use eBay’s existing listings to create a niche website. In doing so, it allows webmasters profit from other peole’s eBay items through the eBay affiliate program.


Many people confuse Build A Niche Store for being something that it is not. Therefore, in this Build A Niche Store review, we will explore what Build A Niche Store is, what it is not, and ultimately help you to decide if it is something that you should consider using.

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Build A Niche Store is a very easy way for youbuild a website around any area of interest and create autopilot income from eBay’s affiliate program.

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BANS contains templates and a very easy to use user interface that makes building niche website very easy. It pulls listings from eBay automatically and creates pages within a few seconds.

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Build A Niche Store Review and Breakdown

BANS Review: What It Is

Build A Niche Store Review

  • Allows one to easily sell eBay products on a website
  • Monetizes your existing traffic for a new income stream.
  • Utilizes eBay’s affiliate program.
  • User friendly and very easy to implement.

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Build a Niche Store (or BANS for short) is a script that installs to their webhost that will easily allow the webmaster to build pages that sell eBay products from their websites.

In doing this, you can earn revenue from sending customers to eBay listings, and you can thus make money by selling other people’s products. Furthermore, it allows you to sell very targeted items to your visitors.

Also, Build a Niche Store gives you the opportunity to make money with eBay’s affiliate program, which has helped people to make lots of money. Basically, you send traffic to eBay, and you get a cut of whatever sells. Since there is so much on eBay, it is easy to find something that your visitors would like.

BANS Review: What It Is Not

Build A Niche Store Review

  • Turns Your Site Into An ebay Niche Hub
  • Not A Drop Ship Service
  • Helps You Earn eBay Affiliate Income
  • Runs on Auto-Pilot

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The biggest misconception that people make about Build A Niche Store is that it is a drop shipper. This is not the case.

Instead, Build A Niche Store takes the items that are currently available on eBay and places the information on your website. When a customer buys one of the eBay items, you receive a commission from the sale. This is quite different from drop shipping, and it allows you to sell relevant products on your site.

This gives you the ability to sell products on your site that are targeted to your audience, but you do not need to own them, market them, pay for them, or update them. This will provide extra income without needing constant attention. In addition, the more niche stores you create, the higher the income potential.

BANS Review: Website Creation

Build A Niche Store Review

  • Easily Creates Web Pages
  • No HTML Necessary
  • Makes Each Page Profitable

Check Out BANS For Yourself

When I first bought Build A Niche Store, I thought it would simply be a piece of code that I put into my website that pulled eBay listings.

I was way wrong.

Instead, Build A Niche Store allows you to build an entire website in a few minutes. With a few clicks, you have a template, a home page, and an outline that will display eBay products that are relevant to your audience.

More importantly, it allows you to easily create many pages that are each monetized. Therefore, you can have thousands of pages that bring in sales on autopilot. I was able to create a new page in less than a minute.

If you have zero web programming experience, Build A Niche Store is a great way to get a website up and running very quickly and making money off of each page within it.

As a result, I am able to target many different niches that I had been “neglecting,” and within one weekend, I can get a profitable website up and running.

BANS Review: Summary and Conclusion

Build A Niche Store Review

  • Utilizes the eBay Affiliate Program
  • Automated Income
  • Monetizes Many Pages
  • Great for Inexperienced Webmasters

Build A Niche Store is an excellent tool for webmasters to use to turn existing web pages into cash producing hubs. By utilizing eBay’s affiliate program, it gives you the ability to turn any page into a niche store.

Build A Niche Store is not necessarily the tool that is going to help you make a million dollars on the internet, but it will bring very automated income without you having to do much. It’s important, though, that you have experience in running websites.

It’s important to note, however, that Build A Niche Store is not a way for you to drop ship products, and it is also not a replacement for web hosting. Instead, it’s a way to add content to existing websites and monetize any page.

Inexperienced webmasters will benefit immensely from Build A Niche Store, because it allows you to build a website from scratch without any programming knowledge.

With Build A Niche Store, you can quickly and easily build websites that generate money on autopilot from eBay’s trusted affiliate program. Absolutely anyone can use this software to make money on the internet, and it is a great addition to my business.

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