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I heard a statistic once that more than half the people who study internet businesses and/or making money online never actually take action and build a website – and that’s people who diligently study it, buy products, are on a bunch of email lists…

My subscribers and followers deserve better than that, so the purpose of this post is to nix that problem. Below, you’ll see my basic overview of how to build your first profitable website.

1) Build a website about something you love, or something that solves someone else’s problems. I’ve built websites with my girlfriend about cooking and singing because that’s what she’s passionate about, and I have websites in the “school grants” niche because people need help solving that problem. Either is fine. As of this writing, my girlfriend’s sites only make about $200/month, but it’s enough to get her excited about the possibilities. The same is true for most home based business owners – even the smallest of results will light that fire.

Put up a simple WordPress blog on a domain name – it’s easy and will take you about fifteen minutes to set up. I use Hostgator for most of my web hosting, and this video will show you how to put up a website in WordPress:

2) Put ads on the website to monetize the future traffic. A lot of people will disagree with me on this point, but I think that Google Adsense is a perfectly fine way to monetize a website, especially for newbies. Yes, there are other ways that are better for making money, but getting those first few dollars of income is often enough to light a fire in the belly of most new internet business owners. Sign up for Google Adsense here. I also recommend putting up relevant Clickbank links and any other affiliate programs that you might associate with, but the important thing is that you have a way to make money when people come to the site. Adsense is the easiest for technically challenged newbies.

3) Write five posts for your blog. Link to relevant videos, find helpful articles, and add your own take on solving problems that your readers might have. If you’re selling affiliate products on the site, link to them within the content of each of your posts.

4) Rewrite each of those five posts and post the new articles to If the content is good, they will get picked up by website owners and passed around, giving you new traffic forever.

The best article marketers I know are Travis Sago and Jennifer Ledbetter. Go to and get Travis’s free course, and read every one of Jennifer’s posts at to get more traffic to your small websites.

5) Participate on social media sites, like other blogs, forums, and Twitter/Facebook pages that discuss your topic. Link back to your website. If you connect with these readers, who are already interested in what you have to offer, then you’ll create repeat readers that continue to come back to your site again and again.

For experienced home based business owners, this process is overly simplistic, but I only ever see it work. True, some websites might only make $1/day, but that’s often enough to light the fire in the belly of many entrepreneurs. Furthermore, websites making just a little bit of money can often be sold for lump sum paydays.

Today, I make money from a variety of different sources – from small sites that make only a few bucks, from websites that make a LOT of money, from website flipping, from ads, from product sales… but it all started by following this (overly) simply process. For people just starting out, this is an easy way to get your first website online and start making money.

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5 thoughts on “Build Your First Profitable Campaign

  1. I too must find a new niche. Being a poker affilliate can be tough. Although I heard you can make 6 figures. Progress is really slow like a 401k plan. I made $70.00 because someone wanted to put a text link ad link on my home page.

    But now I need something with a faster ROI. Find the most search product with high demand/less competition, build content (landing
    page/website/articles),keywords around the product and SEO. SEO never ends, it’s like infinity. You can only take a break once-and-awhile with SEO.

  2. Thank you so much for simplifying this! I was sitting here, discouraged, trying to figure out what next? I KNOW this stuff, but your brain locks up when its on overload. You cleared it up in like 4 simple steps – EXACTLY what I needed right now to get moving… I have absolutely no recollection of why I signed up on your list, but Im glad I did! :D

      • Absolutely helpful! Ive been all through your site, facebook, twitter, checking out your recommended products, looking to learn more SIMPLE! Those google sniper videos… how in the world does he DO that?! PR0, no backlinks and still #1 in google. crazy! Oh, and I figured out that I found you through Cary… You have one more true fan :)

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